Since creating my first web page in 1998 I have been studying programming and working in the digital industry.

Over the course of my career I have created many simple and complex web applications, desktop applications, e-commerce websites, implemented over the wire protocols and designed binary file formats.

I believe very strongly in using the right tool for the job and carefully evaluate the most appropriate technology stack for each project.

Operating solo or leading small to medium-sized teams of engineers is a walk in the park. I have led teams of 12+ engineers on multi-million dollar projects and guided junior engineers in small agile teams.


I evangelize a document, test, code and iterate workflow to create robust and maintainable software.

  • Document

    Writing documentation first not only creates a welcoming atmosphere for other developers it forces a thorough analysis of the task or problem domain. The end result is higher quality software that is easier to maintain.

    Tools: swagger, cucumber, mkcli

  • Test

    Testing software is an integral part of the process, we can leverage test frameworks, code coverage, continuous integration and deployment to develop robust programs. Software without a test suite is stumbling in the dark.

    Tools: ava, mocha, chai, istanbul

  • Code

    Lint code, leverage static analysis, optimize the development environment for maximum efficiency, respect the DRY principle and have an attitude of constantly learning. Look for the better solution even when the code seems close to perfect.

    Tools: tmux, vim, jshint, eslint


I guess I am a bit of an old-timer because I can wax lyrical about arcane and obsolete technology like Director, Dreamweaver and Flash. I could talk about creating drag and drop interfaces in Netscape 4 (DHTML!) or vector drawing applications in Flash 5.

I was creating database-driven web applications years before the term full-stack became mainstream and working remotely from around the globe before the words digital nomad had been uttered.

I cut my teeth in several digital agencies before going it alone and working as a consultant in London for many years before pioneering the digital nomad lifestyle and then finally settling in the Island of the Gods – Bali, Indonesia.

Source Code

Like nearly all of my work this website is open-source, feel free to browse the code or fork the project but please make the style your own if you do! If you hit a bug raise an issue so that I can continue to learn and improve.

Crafted rapidly with love & thanks