Smooth, melt in the mouth, mint chocolate.



Heat water in a saucepan on a low heat to a low simmer.

Put the cacao butter in a bowl and place it in the saucepan of water to melt slowly at a low temperature. Whilst the cacao butter is melting put the cacao powder in a mixing bowl. Add 2-3 pinches of salt to the cacao powder and break any lumps with the back of a spoon.

When the cacao butter is nearly all melted spoon the honey in and stir to combine.


Pour the melted cacao butter and honey mixture into the mixing bowl and stir with a spoon, use the back of the spoon to break any remaining lumps.

About 5-10 minutes should create a smooth chocolate that will pour nicely; add the mint essence to the chocolate and stir to combine.

Pour into chocolate moulds or ice cube trays and place in the freezer until solid.

Move from the freezer to the fridge a few hours before serving.